*Breaking Prolonged LiveJournal Silence to Say...*


How does Stargate Atlantis do that? Son of a--

That show has such a talent for ramping up the tension, painting itself into a neat little corner and then, oop, there's a trapdoor, too, have a nice *trip*, see you next *fall*--

I hate 'To Be Continued.'

*Fully blames the slashers on her list for getting her to watch the first season DVDs.*

(PS. John loves Rodney.)


Valentine's Day has a way of getting me down (I am terminally single on Valentine's Day, it seems, no matter what the rest of the year has been like). So, good things about being single (feel free to add):

1. Resting and rising whenever I feel like it, with nary a flash of concern about disturbing anyone.

2. Not having to go for a consult when I make any significant decision. If I want to move across the country tomorrow, hell, I can.

3. Not feeling like I have to keep my mouth shut and be 'the girlfriend'. (This is a specific ex, really.)

4. Letting my shaving go--and feeling fine about my leg fuzz.

5. Guilt-free flirting with the cute Sheriff's Deputy.

6. Guilt-free flirting with the cute girl at the Quik Trip.

7. The elevation of masturbation to an art form. (Is diagram and storyboard use normal?)

8. Not having to defend or hide or excuse what I write or read or think. (Well, except to friends and family. But I don't have to make out with them later and pretend I'm interested.)

9. Being able to go after the things I want, instead of things someone else thinks I should want (25k into my clairvoyant waiter novel, baby, and no English major with a scruffy goatee around to try and torpedo my dreams of publishing obscurity!)--and feeling fucking fabulous about it.

10. Singing when I want to. Sobbing when I want to. Whatever--when I want to.

Okay, so we could all use some roses every now and again. I'm a pretty cool person no matter who I'm attached--or not attached--to. And hell, if you're on my list, you must be awesome, too. (Birds of a feather, right?)

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody, single and otherwise. Eat some chocolate. Feel mushy.

It's a pretty good world, really, when you get right down to it.

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It's nice to know I can still be good and morally outraged.

It's like working a muscle group you'd only been giving a light stretch. Stings a bit, but it's great to know you've still got it.

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From the FF.net review file... Posted in its entirety, because it is a big greasy blob of loveliness. Name Censored to protect the, ah... well.

"I deeply appologize for this review, but I have to explain.

Several nights ago, I had a nightmare that I was writing a story called "The phantom of the dungeons" with snape as the phantom, dumbledore as christine. Upon waking in a cold sweat at seven and realizing I was going to miss the bus if I didn't hurry up, I told my sister about my dream. And I was absolutely revolted at the idea of a snape/dumbledore. So revolted that I promised her that if I ever saw one, I'd read it, review it, and then curl up and die(not literally of course).

So I read your story. In all honesty your writing is excellent: There
are few gramatical errors, you have good phrasing, and a vocabulary that allows for rich descriptions and just a good piece of work.

However, The plot appauls me. Snape, and Dumbledore? I am sorry, but
that is revolting.

Please, though, keep writing, you have all of the mechanical functions
down (I am especially pleased at the lack of chatspeak), I will read
any other non Snape/Dumbledore work you have written and most likely
you'll get good reviews if you have a good plot (from me, at least).

Please do not be angry at my review, since you really are such a
talented writer. I wouldn't mind if you'd read and review my story (I'm *Censored*, the story is *Censored*--slight HermioneRemus slash but of course it's time travel!), because I do mean it when I say you are exceptionally talented."


Thank you?

I'm going through and answering a bunch of Fourth Year reviews. For those not in the know, it's at Skyehawke now, and there's been a bit of tweaking (mostly at the end) that makes me happier. It will eventually go up here, when I get off my butt and post it. Until then, it can be found with the rest of My Skyehawke Stories.

(And no, I haven't forgotten Soft Place. I will not forget Soft Place, I swear. Give me time!)

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From FF.net, a review I love:

"i like this story! it's awesome. nothing scary and bloody! yay!
happy new year"

For SLWM. (My exact thoughts on many stories I read.)

Yeah, so I was totally pegged by everyone on The Fourth Year. :) I blame the dashes. I was writing it right up to the wire--I turned it in literally minutes before midnight on the deadline. I probably won't repost it here for a few days because it needs smoothing and polishing in a couple of places (forgive me, betas, for I have sinned--I ran out of time for all your wonderful corrections, and want to put them in).

And hey, go check out the gift fic for me from psyfic, Circumstances & Second Chances. Snape/Ron, very creative response to my request, all-around awesome. I don't know if I've managed to convey it properly (and I seem to keep sticking my foot in my mouth about it in comments, personal failing). Tis good. Go read. *Luffs*

Everybody owes Gina massive love for the fest. (Uhh... I was going to write something for Smutmas_Elves, but it unexpectedly turned into a Snarry fic with Snape wearing women's underwear. I'll let y'all know when I finish it--it's turned out a little cracked.)

Happy New Year!

"The Past is, in many things, the foe of mankind; the Future is, in all things, our friend."


Every time I hear that quote, I feel like I could kill a whale. Happy New Year everyone!
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